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ProductQtyWeight in poundsPriceOptions
Long roll£
Rolls white£
Buttered roll£
White bread£
Brown bread£
Plain scone£
Fruit scone£
Bran scone£
Cheese scone£
Plain scone buttered£
Bran buttered£
Fruit scone buttered£
Cheese loaf 200g£
Selkirk bannock£
Potato scone£
Bran loaf£
Almond slice£
Choco crispie£
Tipsy cake£
Pineapple cake£
Millionaire shortbread£
Macaroon bar£
Hazel cake£
German biscuit£
Fruit slice£
Vanilla slice£
Apple danish£
Custard donut£
Caramel donut£
Choco donut£
Jam donut£
Plain donut£
Caramel muffin£
Chocolate muffin£
Cherry muffin£
Coconut cookie£
Plain cookie£
White pan loaf 800g unsliced£
White pan loaf 800g sliced£
Wheaten loaf 800g unsliced£
Wheaten loaf 800g sliced£
White pan loaf 400g unsliced£
White pan loaf 400g sliced£
Bloomer white 400g unsliced£
Bloomer white 400g sliced£
Dusty ( brown) 400g£
Rough brown unsliced)£
Rough brown 400g sliced£
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