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ProductQtyWeight in poundsPriceOptions
Stovie dripping£
Beef olives Small (120g)£
Beef olives Large (150g)£
Best steak cut£
Boiling beef£
Fillet steak Small (140g)£
Fillet steak Medium (170g)£
Fillet steak Large (230g)£
Fillet steak Extra Large (270g)£
Fillet tails Small (60g)£
Fillet tails Medium (90g)£
Frying steak Small (150g)£
Frying steak Medium (180g)£
Frying steak Large (225g)£
Frying steak Extra Large (270g)£
Scotch steak mince£
Nap bone£
Rib roast£
Rib roast boneless£
Brisket boiling£
Brisket roasting£
Rump minute£
Rib eye stk Small (180g)£
Rib eye stk Medium (225g)£
Rib eye stk Large (290g)£
Rolled sirloin£
Round steak£
Shoulder steak£
Sirloin rst£
Sirloin minute£
Sirloin steak scotch beef Small (150g)£
Sirloin steak scotch beef Medium (170g)£
Sirloin steak scotch beef Large (225g)£
Sirloin steak scotch beef Extra Large (270g)£
Spalebone steak£
T-bone steak Medium (455g)£
T-bone steak Large (540g)£
T-bone steak Extra Large (680g)£
Top of the rst£
Beef skirt£
Glasgow fillet£
Bone uncooked£
Round steak mince£
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